Udaipur is best Holiday Destination Post Lockdown from Gujarat

Udaipur is best Holiday Destination Post Lockdown from Gujarat

15 Apr 2020

Everyone is concerned with the spread of coronavirus worldwide and India is no exception. We have seen so many cases in the recent past and now lockdown it increased to 3rd May 2020. As far as India is concerned, the situation is still under control and we see a little or no impact on the community level so far. By looking at efforts put by government and administration we can hope that it will be under control by the first week of May (after 40 days long lockdown). Hospitality is the most affected sector due to Covid-19 pandemic and approximately 650 CR losses are expected in upcoming days (Actual figure will come in the second quarter of this financial year).

Like many others, you might be getting bored while sitting in the drawing-room and watching TV or surfing over the internet. What about a holiday just after lockdown?

The thought itself is scary because travelling to public places or unknown locations might be risky to you and your family. However, if you get a safe, reliable and affordable holiday break then no one wants to miss such a golden opportunity. Many studies have revealed the importance of planning your next holiday now after such a pandemic. To maintain a positive mood and get into the right pace for work a small 2 days break is enough. When we think of a small weekend break from Gujarat then Udaipur and Mount Abu are the two obvious choices. Udaipur is always a darling destination for Gujarati crowd due to various reasons. However, we are showing some key reasons, why Udaipur is the best holiday destination post lockdown from Gujarat –

  1. Travel Mode - Udaipur is just 270 Km from Ahmedabad and not more than 350 km from other major cities, which means you can travel in your car without exposing yourself to a public transport mode e.g. – Train or Plane.
  2. Atmosphere - During May, Gujarat has summer on the peak with 45-degree average temperature. Udaipur is surrounded by hills and provides you with perfect climate change while being on holiday.
  3. Affordable - Like other traveling destinations Udaipur is also affected by inbound tourist fall and hence major hotel chains will offer you a perfect discount. You will get good
  4. Safety - Udaipur is not a much-affected city with Coronavirus till now and hence chances of local transmission are very less or negligible. You can book small hotels and plan your family holiday there; some hotels can entertain you while not taking other bookings so personal safety will be at best.
  5. Hassle-Free Holidays - Like many other travelers Udaipur is not the first-time destination for you or your family members, known destinations are always advisable in such a situation.

The above are some key reasons for traveling to Udaipur. Zennia Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. is a leading hotel chain in Udaipur having boutique hotels and luxury resorts. We are known for our hospitality services. We are well-prepared with an action plan for post lockdown to maintain sanitization and social distancing while serving you on your next holiday. We hired expert health consultant and sanitization experts to maintain safety standards. We will ensure a safe, affordable and memorable holiday.

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